It has been a while, but N1RWY is getting back on the air.
More content, stories and photos will be posted soon as I start to collect and add materials. Check the BLOG to see what I am up to.

Been having a great time out in Arizona getting radio active, doing a lot of portable operations with some of the local hams in the the local parks, EMCOM style deployments, SOTA, and of course JT65/9 (where I hit my goal of JT65 QRP W.A.S. in 12 months of casual operating- now working on multiple band JT65 WAS) I have since completed JT65/9 WAS on 20 and 40 meters.. now working towards 5 band WAS – digital only. (Oct 2016)

Not to mention the trip back to Maine to work with Steve, KD1O as W1AW during the W1AW event.  That was a BLAST – and I will update the blog on that adventure at some point.

I am looking forward to convincing many of my ham friends from back east to join me out here for vacation.  Great weather, great hiking and JA prefix DX all morning and evening long.

So, hold fast, sit back and relax.  More to come soon.  Might as well take this time and enjoy a coffee or two..

Jay drinking coffee

Enjoying a warm beverage in Flagstaff!