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French Press coffee

My name is Jay and I have a coffee addiction.  Yeah, the hot black stuff that gets you up in the morning.. “Go juice”.   Recently I had been exposed to some of my coworkers coffee habits which included their french press coffee pot.  A magical device that is entertaining to watch as well.  The flavors that I was exposed to from the brewing in the french press floored me.

Well, after a few cups.. I new I had to pick one up.

What a great, quick way to make coffee and wow, is the coffee good.

It truly is a combination of the freshness of the beans, the grind and the water, from the hardness to the pH level to the brewing temperature.  It all makes a difference, and makes expensive K-Cups taste really weak and flat in comparison.

I ended up picking up my own french press, and while it is one of the cheaper ones, it does the job as my first press.  I went with this one, the Triple Filter 8 Cup French Press in Chrome 34 Oz that I picked up on Amazon for around $15.  Totally worth it.

french press coffee pot

After my first pour after arriving in the office

I have found that the french press makes a fine cup (or several) of coffee, with plenty of flavor.   My press doesn’t have the best fit or finish, but it works and fits my needs just fine.   They do let out a lot of heat, so the coffee cools quickly in the press, so you want to make it, let is steep four minutes and then start pouring, realizing that anything you leave in the pot is going to get stronger as it continues to sit on the beans.

This site has a great French Press 101 approach.

Happy brewing!


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