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23cm and 33CM EME Expedition to KH6

Flights and rental are booked!
I will be operating 1296 MHz and 900 MHz EME from Hawaii from October 1st – October 5th 2021 March 13-17 2022. from the island of Oahu. Due to the COVID surge and Governors’ request for tourist to stay away from the islands, the trip has been pushed until March 2022. This will be the first time Hawaii has been activated on 1296 EME since Bruce Clark, K0YW, operating KH7X at KH6YY in 2007. I think it will be the first time ever for 900 MHz EME from KH6. Those that are looking to work HI for their last state, DXCC, or the fun of chasing DX stations- make note of the dates. I will be working as much of the moon window as I have time for and I will be working holiday / sked style during the time time there. Follow spots on HB9Q logger for operating schedule and frequency.

Frequency and sequence will be determined based on local QRM. (Currently planning .055 2nd +- for QRM)
Digital: JT65C and Q65 30C or 60C second sequences. JT65C for those not up and running with Q65C.
CW contacts might be attempted after ALL digital callers are worked. (Monday/Tuesday).
Call: N1AV/p
A 1X1 call has been requested and approved for the time in Hawaii: N1V

2.4M Sub-Lunar folding dish and feed
Flexradio 6400M
Flexradio 1500 backup
DEM 1296 transverter(s)
ODO + AGO preamp backup
PQL 600W PA (run at 300-350W)
I will have internet access and will be on HB9Q logger and blogging here on my site.

NEW: 902 MHz – 33cm!
It looks like the 902 guys have convinced me to bring out gear for 902 EME as well.
SGlabs transverter
Ampleon RF deck. (400-450W)
W2HRO 902 linear patch feed (Serial #001)
Same 2.4m dish, and Flexradio 6400M (IC-705 backup)
AGO preamp
QSL Policy:
Contacts will be upload to LOTW.
Paper QSL Cards will be created and replied to with SASE or $1 for international shipping.
I will send cards to those who send a card and request one. Otherwise, LOTW.

Thank you to the sponsors!
WD5AGO, W6PQL, FlexRadio

More information will be posted as it comes available.

  1. First RX test on 1296 (Aug 15th, 2020)

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  1. Zdenek April 2, 2021

    Great plan, looking forward to meet you via Moon. Need HI as a WAS and DXCC :-). GL and safe trip!

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