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I must be on a ‘blacklist’ in Brazil..

I hear these guys just about every night on JT-65, with solid -11 to -8 signals on 20 meters. Several PY stations all on JT-65.   I reply back with anything from 4-11 watts depending if I am chasing DX.. and I never get a reply back from these guys.

screenshot of jt-65

I know they can hear me, I can see my signal being reported on Pskreporter from that region.  It has been like this ever since I put up the vertical.  Maybe they are right smack in one of the nulls, either that or they have worked plenty of AZ stations and don’t want to be bothered, it can be slightly frustrating, if I let it get to me.

However, now that I think about it.. I did end up working the ZV2016RIO Olympic station on JT65, which was pretty cool.  I should send off for their card, that would make a nice addition to the shack wallpaper.


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  1. Richard February 24, 2017

    Hi, Jason.
    It will be an honor to make contact with you via jt-65, I am always in 15 and 80 meters, my data as well as email is in qrz, we can schedule one day a contact attempt. Greetings from the south of Brazil – PU5KGB

    • n1rwy March 26, 2017 — Post Author

      Will be happy to setup of a contact. I am not quite setup for 80m – but on 15m quite a bit.

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