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Heathkit SB-200 Project- Part I

Yep.. this is happening!

SB200 amp

Full of dusty, musty goodness. I always wanted to build one of these.. now I get to rebuild one.

Thanks Ajo for the find and the deal.  More to come soon.


10/28/16  UPDATE 1

I got the RF deck out and started cleaning and taking pics.  Dust and grit everywhere.

You can tell the cover had not been off for a while.

pic of rf deck and tubes

Dusty and dirty – but no burn marks!

I pulled the tubes out and wiped them down as well as gave the fan a spin- it moved.  That was a good sign.

hv supply pic

High voltage supply dusty and full of webs

The high voltage supply was full of dust and cobwebs.  I have a feeling I’m going to replace that with the Harbach board with news caps and resistors, as well as the soft start board to limit inrush current to the tubes.  I just don’t trust the older caps I and I don’t have the knowledge to reform them – so replacing them will be the easiest solution.

pic of front of SB-200 minus the knobs

More dust and crud under all the knobs

I pulled off all the knobs I bet those Allan screws have not been out since this was built in the 60’s.. those first turns were tight!

Anyone have any suggestions for cleaning the plastic on the meter face?

Often people complain about the relay and the contacts going bad looking at mine I have a little bit of corrosion but no major rust. The relay arm was freely moving when I depressed it so I think I save some money there and missed having to replace the relay.

This is the underside of the high voltage supply. The wiring and soldering on the underside of the amp looked like someone took their time.  I am happy to see that- it should make bringing this amp back to life a bit easier.

Some needed cleaning here!  Using a pencil eraser, I am able to clean up the contacts right away.

I spent some more time knocking dust and junk out of the RF deck and then called it a night.  Tomorrow I might be on a search for the “right” rattle can color green for the exterior case, after I give it a heavy cleaning.

73 all!

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