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New project AM-6154 rebuild!

I have started another amplifier build. I guess the end of 2016 start of 2017 is that point in my ham career where I wanted to move beyond just using amplifiers to the level of one who knows how to modify and rebuild them.  My SB200 project was a great start for this process and I am now on to modifying an AM-6154 amplifier for use on the 2 meter band.   As far as VHF amplifiers go- the AM-6154 is one of the easier to modify and a great “bang for the buck” ratio. You can come in under average “dollar per watt” price tag that is common with VHF and UHF amplifiers. The point of modifying this amplifier was so I can get back on meteor scatter and EME, also know as moon bounce. I miss chasing the ‘Extreme DX’ of EME.

Yes, this amplifier is not legal limit or 1000w which is the “gold standard” for moon bounce on 2 meters.  However, the AM-6154 is a great starting point with about 400w output CW or 200-250w out for JT65 or some of the newly released weak signal digital modes.  I am excited to get it on the air and actively working some of the “big” and medium sized EME stations.

Right now I am waiting for replacement parts to arrive as I have discovered several blown components in this amp that I need to replace before I can give it my own smoke test.  A big thanks and shout out to Paul, N1BUG for all the remote elmering from 3000 miles away.

image of capacitor

Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

More to come on this project as they arrive!

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