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Unfinished Business Tour -N1V to KH6- 2023

Information will be updated as I get it. More pics will be added soon.

The KH6 location is secured.
I will be back to operate 1296 MHz and 900 MHz EME from Hawaii from March 5-9th, 2023 from the island of Oahu.

During my last visit to Hawaii, I felt the weather so I am going back to finish the job. I will be working holiday / sked style during the time time there. My focus on MR will be EU stations then shifting to US. My West moon view is not great, but will work with folks for skeds. Note, I am blocked the last 25 degrees of MS due to mountains, I do not have a window for EU MR, only EU MS. I will use Moonnet and HB9Q logger for operating announcements.

Frequency and sequence will be determined based on local QRM. (Currently planning on 1296 is 1296.055 2nd +- for QRM on 1296. I will self spot on HB9Q logger. )
Digital: Q65 60C OR 30C second sequences. I will be running CFOM. I will announce on HB9Q logger.  
CW: CW contacts will be attempted after ALL digital callers are worked, assume the 7th. 902 ops should plan on the 9th.

2.4m Sub-lunar folding dish, AGO preamps, PQL amplifier (1296) Motorola amplifier (902). Sub-lunar rotor control for computer assisted aiming.

2022 KH6 expedition link.

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  1. Dave November 9, 2022

    Jay, Linda and I will both be happy to work you in KH6 on 1296.
    Dave N9HF and Linda N9LHS

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